How To Bypass Icloud Activation Lock On Ipad and other apple device

A lot of ipad user are stuck in icloud activation bypass. Now you can bypass these devices by following the steps provided below

Download link with steps

Just visit the website above, You don’t need to read the post below

But if Apple can get music and movies on the i – Cloud service, will there be any need for the 32 GB and 64 GB i – Phone and i – Pad models. Once the Face – Time bar is touched, a new Apple ID can be entered into the appropriate box. Sample Link, Sample Link, Sample Link 29 inches in thickness and I’m really excited to find what comes of these kind of photos. When you retrieve the tablet, restore your data from an i – Tunes or i – Cloud backup. Thistechnology gadget eases your busy schedule and connects all your documents, music and photos in a loop.

Because of the server load and massive load on the internet, many Apple customers, including myself, have seen this message “Due to high demand, we are temporarily limiting the number of users moving from Mobile – Me to i – Cloud. Apart from the best seller you can’t place down to now, the i – Books application maintains a list of books you have study in the past. According to the latest report of wall street journal, Apple is about to release the i – Phone i – OS 5 in the monsoon quarter of 2011. i – Cloud i – Cloud will be one easy step for all of you devices. The WWDC began on Monday in San Francisco, and goes through Friday.

Very powerful API library for variety of touch screen features capabilities of i – Phone. If you have an Apple ID, enter it and your password; then click Sign In. In the interim of my upgrades, I was using a Black – Berry Storm. Use i – Cloud: i – Cloud is a service that comes with your i – Phone 4S and which allows you to save yourself a lot of money while at the same enjoying a lot more connectivity and even back up. An an i – Phone, i – Pad, Mac – Book and overall Apple user, I’ve been experiencing problems with the move to their new i – Cloud system.

This wonder phone is powered by A5 chip, which has a dual core in true sense. Think about the “cloud” as the internet or more specifically, a section of the internet universe. All developer applications work in a sandbox environment. Simply put in your Apple ID and password, and let the i – Cloud go to work. Stop hating and allow Apple to grow with the people Steve left in charge.

It is upto the developers whether or not they would like to make i – Cloud storage obtainable to users for their apps. Apple has recently announced launching of mobile applications for i – Work and i – Photo based on integrated mobile cloud services. Integrated with Camera, Pictures, Maps, and Safari, Tweets are now easier to send, and handled far more effectively via i – OS 5. 9 million i – Phones (5C and 5S combined) sold in the first weekend; 60 billion app download from the App store, 200 million people have tried out i – Tunes Radio, all that good Apple press numbers. SQLLite and Core data services along with flat files can be used for application data.

Featuring a dual-core CPU, the A5 processor will effectively double the i – Phone 5’s power and ability to process tasks. If you are like me, you have used Microsoft Power Point, Excel, and Word for what seems like forever. It also pushes that data to all Apple devices including the i – Phone, i – Pad, Macs and more. Moreover, one can edit pictures much faster on an i – Phone mobile. This screen is so high definition, that the human eye wouldn’t be able to detect the difference if it went much higher.


Download Doulci Software to bypass icloud activation on iphone, ipad and ipod

The doulci new software is available for download from the link posted at the bottom of this post. This software is called as Doulci activator and is in beta stage. There is the leak version which I’ve found while searching for this software. One of the beta tester has leaked this software.

Lots of ios user are stuck in icloud activation. It is believed more than 1.5 million user are affected with icloud activation lock. Most of them are the people who bought the device as a second hand from ebay or though other sources. While it is good that , the icloud service (especially find my iphone) is brought to increase security and to prevent the device from being stolen. But in the same time, a lot of innocent people are being trapped from the Seller. So it is advised to buy iphone or any ios devices from trusted source

Now let me clear how this software bypass icloud activation. According to Doulci team this tool bypass icloud activation without the need of itunes. Just instal the software , follow the instruction and you’re ready to go.

You can download software from link below

Download link

What is Doulci and how to bypass icloud activation using this tool

Doulci are a team of people who were the first to bypass icloud activation lock. More than 70000 ios device were unlocked by the server made by these hackers . The month of may 2014 were the golden month for those who were stuck on icloud activation. Those people who knew doulci bypassed their device on month of may.

Download the doulci activator ( Tool to bypass icloud activation) from

Is Doulci Server still working ?

The answer is no . The server was stopped since may 27..According to them due to high cost and their issue with paypal they were unable to open server.

Then what next ?

They have developed ( Beta stage) their new tool Doulci activator which according to them can bypass icloud activation lock. Also according to them this tool doesnot require itunes. They have not released this tool yet.

But some of the beta testers have leaked this tool and I’ve found this tool on and many people claims they have unlocked their device. Please look the review, download tool and instruction on the above website.

Download :

Watch video from this link