3 ways to network unlock AT and T iphone 6 and 6+ to work on every carrier

If you’ve AT&T or any carrier locked iphone 6 and 6+ and wants to unlock your iphone , then let’s look for 3 ways how you can achieve this :

1 The first way is by contacting your carrier . AT&T and most other carrier requires that your iphone contract should be over ie atleast 2 years old and your account should be in good standing condition.

2 Second way is by contacting online unlocking services . There are many websites which can carrier unlock your iphone 6 at some fees . The fees varies from $49-$299 depending upon your carrier .

3 And last but not least is by using a free software – unlock tool. You can download the free version from

Download now

Instruction :

1 Download and instal the software from above link
2 Open the software
3 Connect your iphone 6 or 6+
4 Follow the instruction provided in software