How to network unlock iphone 7 locked on T mobile and AT & T

You bought iphone 7 on contract from carrier like T mobile and AT & T and you are thinking of unlocking it for various reasons like using prepaid sim or sending the phone to loved ones residing overseas or want to sell iphone 7 to buy android sets like google pixel C or upcoming Samsung galaxy S8 which may be launched pretty soon ..Well by following some information below you can network unlock your iphone 7 and solve the above problems.

1 Call your carrier and tell your problem. By deducting remaing charge for contract you can have your phone unlocked.

2 When 24 month contract is over , you can call your carrier for free unlock . For this your account must be in outstanding condition.

3 Looking for free unlock solution using Gevey Chip , R- Sim etc

For now these are the solution for carrier unlock of your iphone 7 . If I find any solution on coming days then I’ll update these post . Till then pls follow the website .