Different ways to install .ipa on iphones

There are different ways to install .ipa on your beloved iphones without requiring jailbreaking your device. However to install cracked apps or games in .ipa extension, jailbreaking is most required. This method can be used without requiring to open itunes on your pcs or macbooks. Let me teach you 3 different ways through which you can achieve this.

If you want to watch video for installation of .ipa using the method below, Watch this

1 Ifunbox method : This is offline method . First download and install ifunbox from http://i-funbox.com/ . Now watch video provided in above link for steps to install .ipa using ifunbox.

2 Diawi method. This is online method and required your device to be online. You need to go to Diawi.com and upload the .ipa file you need to install by clicking upload button. Video is provided in above link.

3 Itools method : You need to download and install itools from itools download link. After installation open itunes and click application tab, click install button , then select the .ipa file which you want to install and click open. For video watch above link.

These are the 3 easy method for installing .ipa file. Don’t forget to comment below if you’ve any problem while achieving this.